February on the Farm

The snow is still coming in spurts. The winds continue to howl. And I am just starting to receive seed catalogs in the mail. I have not yet opened any but do look at the covers and then throw them on the pile. The thought of tilling, planting, mulching, weeding and harvesting overwhelms me, Then there is the pounding in of fenceposts and tying fences around the garden. This is the chore I dislike the most but it is necessary if I plan on eating the food rather than the deer, the raccoons and the rabbits. Perhaps I have been gardening too long or the long relaxing evenings sitting by the fire reading my favorite books has made me lazy. But I do know that if I want to eat fresh peas, sweet carrots, and ripe juicy tomatoes I better get myself motivated before the pussy willows burst open. Until that happens though, I am going to remain curled up in my cozy chair keeping my toes warm and the pages turning. And maybe, just maybe, I might peek at a catalog.